When Prospects Let You Down

You talk to a potential client and they say they want to work with you. Sometimes, they even ask you to send the invoice and Zoom invites - then the following happens

❌ You never hear from them again.

❌ They change their mind after you have spent valuable time doing paperwork and Zoom invites.

❌ They make excuses saying “they will call you when ready.”

So how do you deal with these frustrating situations?

1.Develop Emotional Intelligence

This will help you more than anything. It’s not what happens, it’s how you react. You want to tell the person off for wasting your time, however, that rarely achieves anything. You want to say what’s on your mind, although holding back and processing things is more important.

2. Keep Giving Value

Maybe you haven’t asked enough questions. Maybe you haven’t listened clearly. Now and again you’re not the right fit. There’s many reasons why someone won't work with you. Sometimes prospects are not ready to buy yet and they come back 3 or 6 months later when you have built up more trust and they see you as a person of value.

3. Stay Positive

Business is in the follow-up. By follow-up, it’s not “I hope you’re well, what are your thoughts.” You have to do better than that. Ask a powerful question or make a statement that makes them go, “That’s interesting,” rather than “So what?”

4. Celebrate Your Wins

Human beings are quick to criticise ourselves and slow to appreciate how far we have come. I have over 115 recommendations on LinkedIn. I often read that to remind myself of how much I have helped people with LinkedIn, sales, imposter syndrome and mindset - and that gives me a boost of energy to keep moving forward.

5. Celebrate Your Failures

My TED talk was loved by the audience, they were all talking to me afterwards, yet never took off. It didn’t even get 3,000 views, yet I’m so proud of it, I met amazing speakers, learned so much and became a better speaker as a result. Always try to find the lessons when things didn't go as planned. You can watch my TED talk here.


Focus on the journey. Enjoy the journey. Always be Improving.

Because you have little control over the outcomes.

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