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When clients ghost you

Sometimes clients are too polite to say, "no." Some clients just want proposals to see what their suppliers are up to – in order to keep cost-cutting in check.

You lose time, revenue and profit when you get ghosted. So how do you overcome this frustration?


Did you do the prep? Ask the right questions? Follow Niraj’s proven sales steps to success? Talk excessively about your own product?

2. Improve

Most people stay the same which is the same as failing. You have to know how to improve and then do something about it. Spending days, weeks and months on Google is not the solution. Speak to someone who has expertise in the area you need help in. There's never any shame in asking for help.

3. Stand out

Nobody needs more emails. Shoot 30-40 second video on your mobile.

Remind the clients what their challenges were.

Remind them what solutions you provide.

Ask, is there anything else I may have missed as well?

That's important – it shows humility which is rare in selling.

If you’re introverted, do this as a LinkedIn voice note or WhatsApp.

You will be surprised how many responses you get.

This works more effectively than following up by email and saying, “Hi, I hope you’re well. What do you think of my proposal?”

Your passion, your enthusiasm, your tone, everything comes across so much better on a video or a voice note.

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