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When Clients Are Not Ready To Buy

I received this email below from someone who tried to sell to me in 2023, then followed-up in 2024. So much has happened in a year, I can’t remember the conversation or what was discussed.

Neither will your prospects / potential clients.

Screenshot of an email sent to Niraj Kapur referencing back to a conversation 12 months ago

Recently I wanted to hire a supplier for my business. I spoke to 4 people. In March, I wasn't ready to make the decision due to other important business needs and asked for them to call me back in June. Only one person called back. He got the business.

Here’s how you can improve your chances of winning business when prospects are not ready to buy.

1.     Always Follow-Up.

You rarely win business on the first conversation. Relationships take time to develop and my business and most people I do business with, it’s about the relationship. Not how friendly you are (that helps) but how you much understand and care and can solve their problems.

2.     Subscribe to their newsletter

This helps you understand what they do and the changes they go through. If they don’t have a newsletter, make a note to check their website every few weeks for news, blogs or case studies.

3.     Share valuable insight that Helps Them

This doesn’t mean adding them to your own newsletter and talking about yourself. It means sharing information/insights that will help them do their job better or make them think. Personalisation is winning business right now, NOT copy and paste, automation or using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to spam people

4.     Remember Why People Buy

✅ To make money

✅ Save money

✅ Reduce stress

✅ Streamline operations

✅ Solve a problem

✅ Look good and feel good

✅ Be part of something bigger than themselves

✅ Beat the competition

One of these needs to be on all communications

5.     Never Stop Learning About Sales

I convert 60% of inbound enquiries which is high. When I pitch for new business against my competitors, I often win. I’m not more intelligent than the competition, I don’t outwork them and I'm expensive to work with. The reason I win is partly because I care more. Mainly, it’s because I understand sales, study sales daily and most people struggle with sales.

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Plus, a video on the importance of being different

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