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UpSell To Your Clients

Salesforce world tour took place in London yesterday. Surrounded by spectacular views of London, excitement, noise, clients, prospects, old friends, culinary delights, they are all there.

I missed out because I was in the remote Northern Ireland countryside eating sausage rolls.

In January, 2024, I delivered LinkedIn training to 14 people in their marketing department, 8 in person and 6 on zoom across Europe. I wanted to upsell to their sales team to keep working with Terex. This was what I did.

Asked the wonderful decisionmaker, Elaine “What was the experience like working with me?”

I listened carefully and wrote down the answers

“I was hired for 3 hours but kept everyone accountable on email for the next week, answering all questions. Were you happy with that?”

She was happy and I listened carefully and wrote down the answers.

Then I then asked for a testimonial.

Screenshot of a testimonial from Terex sent to Niraj Kapur

After I received the testimonial, I sent a thoughtfully handwritten thank you card. Then I walked to the post office and bought a stamp. People rarely receive anything in the post and always appricate that over a simple text. When Elaine contacted me to say thanks, we talked and I asked “Who else would benefit from my services?"

4 months later, I won LinkedIn training for the sales team ( see picture above) and 5 more people were remote.

Always ask who else you can do business with. People often get upselling and cross selling mixed up. Here’s an article I wrote for Salesforce about this

I’m out of the office shortly on my first overseas holiday of 2024, a cruise to Greece and Turkey. No idea what to expect although when I heard of the delicious unlimited food on the cruise, the spa, smoothie bar, sushi bar, gym and trips to places like Santorini, I couldn’t say no. Plus, the new Bon Jovi album is out today, so life makes more sense.

While I am away, there’s over 150 short videos on LinkedIn, sales and personal development. Many people find short-form learning easier, so this is for you. To make sure you don't miss out, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. PS You don’t get spammed or go into any sales funnel.

On 19th June, I will be speaking on Thought Leadership Branding about Effective Networking and Building Meaningful Relationships in a Digital World with Bobby Umar Ariel Lee and Jonaed Iqbal

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