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I Received An Unexpected Message

Sales is more than closing a deal. It’s mindset, emotional intelligence, giving massive value,  business acumen, marketing, understanding people and serving your customers.

I was recommended to David for sales training. He turned up 10 minutes late on Zoom, then asked me what the meeting was about 😱

He put his staff down and like many directors, the failure of his team was his. Due to his high salary, his past success and the arrogance that often accompanies people on high salaries with past success, he believed nothing was his fault.

I didn’t want to follow-up or work with him, however, we all have off-days and this was a client recommendation, so I put the effort in, sent a proposal and we agreed a follow-up a week later.

A diary invite was sent and accepted. A reminder was sent 24 hours prior.

David failed to show up. I followed up over the next month and he didn’t have the manners to reply.

1 year later, yesterday, he asked for my help since he was now out of work. This was my reply.

“What goes around comes around., You were horrible and now you will get a taste of your medicine. Hurts doesn’t it? Maybe now you’ll learn some manners and treat people with respect.”

Luckily, that reply was in my head 😄 it’s good to get things out of your system.

This was my actual reply

“I lost my job in the 2010 recession and know how awful it feels. How can I help support you?”

Just to clarify, it took me 5 minutes to write that one line.

He needed help with his LinkedIn profile and CV.

So I spent 20 minutes improving his LinkedIn profile, then made several recommendations on improving his CV and wished him well.

I had every right to be angry at him for mistreating me. There are people out there who will take advantage of your generosity and sometimes it is hard to say no to people. Please remember:

1.Two wrongs NEVER make a right.

2. The best revenge is success, not hurting others. As the late great Wayne Dyer once said, ‘Given the choice of being right or be kind, choose kind.”

3. The world is always better when you support people, not satisfy your own ego

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Generating sales is hard. Whether you work for somebody else or run your own business, knowing how to sell is vital. It’s not 10 ways to close a deal that counts. What matters in 2024 are:

💪 overcoming imposter syndrome

🤝 building confidence

❤️️ having emotional intelligence

💯 resilience

✅ listening

👉 sales strategies

👍 LinkedIn sequences and LinkedIn branding

💡 psychology and so much more.

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