A sales email sent to Niraj.

Selling on LinkedIn

I never thought this would happen to me.

One of the stars of BBC’s Apprentice looked at my LinkedIn profile.

Did he try and build a quality relationship?

No, he did something unbelievably stupid. He took my email address and spammed me.

Not only did he spam me, but the email above that he sent was truly awful.

I don’t believe in shaming people, so I’ve blocked his identity. I do believe in learning from mistakes and empowering people to sell better.

If someone gets to the final of BBC’s The Apprentice - which is actually quite impressive - and they're awful at sales, that shows how much people struggle with selling.

So how do you sell better on LinkedIn? As someone who has rebuilt their business after the horrors of divorce and isolation of lockdown – and then been awarded LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales by LinkedIn HQ, I have valuable insight that will help.

  1. Get Personal

Looking at someone’s profile, failing to connect, then taking their email and spamming them is a horrible idea. Sending a personalised invite is a smart idea. What do you say on a personalised invite? What you like about their post is a good start. If they don’t post on LinkedIn, then talk about something you read on their website or on Google.


Because most people don’t do this and it helps you stand out.

2. Understand Your Customer

Is it okay to sell? Absolutely. Selling is the foundation of your business. At the same time, the people you want to do business with often get bombarded all day with sales messages – so you need to be better or different from the rest. What problem do they have and how are you going to solve it?

3. Build The Relationship

Once they accept your invite, DO NOT under any circumstance, send an email with “hope you’re well” “here’s my calendly invite” or “What day suits you for a meeting Tuesday or Thursday?” You sound like a cliché and who wants to do business with someone like that?

Keep adding value, then send a video or voice note. Why? Because your energy, tone and enthusiasm come across better.

4. Share Social Proof

There’s a lot of people showing off on social media that they’re international speakers and there’s never an audience in sight. That they crush their numbers and make 6-figures a year without a testimonial. Get your customers to do the taking for you and get them to tag you in on posts about the value you gave. Wear your LinkedIn recommendations with pride. Show audiences you speak to.

5. Don’t Give Up

Most people try selling once and give up. Business is in the follow-up, so you need to keep trying. Check out this video I posted last week about getting onto a podcast I had always dreamed of appearing on - A fantastic client in London heard me on this podcast and hired me immediately.

How we can work together

If you want generate more sales in business and to kick ass on LinkedIn, contact me for 1:1 coaching or group training.

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Niraj Kapur is a LinkedIn Top Voice, keynote speaker, and trusted LinkedIn coach and sales trainer. If you want to get better results in 2023 for yourself, your business or have me speak at your event please get in touch.