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Sales Tips and Insights for Q4

People are investing more than ever in sales technology and software, yet the basics aren’t being done which is causing missed targets, lost revenue and increased frustration.

Let's clarify some things that are important about selling to help you get better results over the next 3 months.

1.Stop Talking About Yourself

Prospects don’t care about all the things you can do, they care about how you help their SPECIFIC problem. Messages get deleted when they start with “I can make you 7 figures a year” or “I can get you 50 new leads a month.” because most people don’t need that. As a bonus, research someone on LinkedIn to avoid asking unnecessary questions.

2. LinkedIn Matters

When a prospect gets emails or DMs from you, if they don't delete your message, they will check you out on LinkedIn. If your profile isn’t optimised, you don't write content and you have no recommendations, it makes it more difficult for them to want to work with you.

3. Follow-up

Business is in the follow-up. By follow-up, it’s not “I hope you’re well, what are your thoughts.” You have to do better than that. Ask a powerful question or make a statement that makes them go, “That’s interesting,” rather than “So what?”

4. Go See Your Clients

In September, I flew to London to meet 2 new clients who signed up for Zoom coaching. By meeting in person, I developed stronger relationships, have been recommended to their peers and are now working for them as well. Never underestimate the power of overdelivering and making a massive effort.

5. Set Yourself A Big Target

I once read that too many people aim low and hit their target. Not everyone has to go big or work insane hours. At the same time, if you want something, go bigger. After hiring a BIG PR company for my book which was a financial disaster, I didn't give up. Instead, I invested in:

A new showreel that has generated more speaking work

A new website launched last week, which has already started generating enquiries

And I've doubled investing in coaches for myself for personal growth and success.

If you want something, go for it. Don't let the economy or negative people hold you back.

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Niraj Kapur is a LinkedIn Top Voice, keynote speaker, and trusted LinkedIn coach and sales trainer. If you want to get better results in 2023 for yourself, your business or have me speak at your event please get in touch.