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Once Upon a Time

Michael Jordan was a basketball player for Chicago Bulls. He was a good player, but was still getting pushed around by certain teams like Detroit Pistons. Enter Tim Grover. He wrote to everyone on the Chicago Bulls team asking to be their coach and help them succeed. They ignored him.

He didn’t initially write to Michael Jordan since he was the best player and thought Michael Jordan would ignore him. Finally, he wrote to Michael Jordan who wanted to improve his career and was smart enough to say yes.

No outsider has ever come into a basketball team like this before and naturally, people were concerned, just like so many sales leaders and CEO’s are concerned about hiring outside coaches, often thinking they know it all themselves.

If you try and do everything yourself, you will fail. Everyone needs help.

Tim Grover didn’t train Jordan on getting better at basketball, he trained him on mindset, getting the basics right and got him doing arm weights to intimidate the competition.

Jordan is now considered the greatest basketball player and one of the most successful athletes of all time.

How is this relevant to business?

 💪 Never give up on the first attempt like most people.

 👉 Never be afraid of going big.

 💯 Always get the basics right. If you’re not great at selling, then getting LinkedIn premium and Sales Navigator means you will still not be great at selling

 👍 A coach will take you further than you can ever go by yourself.

❤️️ If you don’t invest in yourself, why would anyone invest in you?

So what you can do?

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