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Lessons Learned From My Father

Here’s some valuable lessons my father taught me that are vital in sales and business.

1.Never Stop Learning

My father was still attending conferences in his late 60s. He used to say “You’re never too old to learn new skills.” He swims 3-4 times a week, takes courses on autism to understand my nephew and continues to subscribe to the British Medical Journal, years after retiring to keep understanding medicine.

2. Always Give More Than Expected

Seeing my father receive his second award from Prince Charles for his charity work in 2014 was wonderful. This was at Buckingham Palace, an MBE for his dedication to the charity work he performed in Northern Ireland and India, helping thousands of people. The more you give, the better life often becomes.

my father receiving his charity award

3. Have a strong WHY

If you work for a salary, you often get bored. Always have a strong WHY, something that is more important than you. It can be your family, your friends, your pets, charities, or even better, a variable combination of the above.

4. Success Isn't Money

This took me a long time to understand. Money is important and gives you more freedom. Success is helping those less fortunate. Success is giving without asking for anything in return. Success is having a family that loves you and spends time with you.

5. People Don’t Always Listen The First Time

I was given lots of good advice when I was young. Like many young people, I didn’t listen or that they were cool. Now I’m older, my parents are the coolest people I know. In 2019 in 2020, when I endured a traumatic divorce, then had to ensure months alone in lockdown, locked away from the world, life became too much to handle. It had finally beaten me.

My father got me a ticket from England where I had worked for almost 30 years, back to Northern Ireland. He put me into therapy, set up a gym membership and got me books on emotional intelligence, mindset and faith to rewire my brain (while mum provided the valuable hugs and delicious Indian home-cooked food).

It allowed me to rebuild, heal and lead a newer, different and better life. I will never forget that kindness and somehow, enduring those painful experiences, has made me a better person.

When you endure any trauma, years later you gain clarity. I’ve met many men who have been through similar struggles to mine. They didn’t have a father or if they did, the father didn’t care enough to talk to them. Many now have drinking problems, or are addicted to prescription drugs. They never heal themselves, carrying around untreated trauma.

I know how lucky I am, which is why I'm always over the top in terms of charity work, giving and supporting others.

Thank you Dad for making me a better person.

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