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Lessons from the Boss

May 2023, I spoke about 5 Sales Lessons I learned from Bruce Springsteen

So much has happened in my life since then, mainly in the last few months. I went to see Bruce Springsteen in Belfast last night with a new perspective on life, wondering what would happen.

1.     Consistency is Key

While Springsteen is famous for having different songlists every night, he does the basics brilliantly. Same rule applies on LinkedIn. So many people waste their money on automation, sales navigator, all kinds of outreach tools that rarely work. Doesn’t matter what you do, you have to get the basics of sales right.

That means understanding people, sending emails that connect, persistence without being annoying and giving value first.

2.     Enjoy Every Moment

Springsteen recently lost his mother. He spoke about death and missing those he loved. I’ve attended more funerals this year than ever. Friends who have lost a parent, or even worse, both parents. Some were expected, others were sudden. You don’t enjoy life staring at a mobile and laptop all day. You enjoy it through amazing experiences and giving to others.

3.     Don’t Follow The Crowd

Most of the rock bands I grew up worshipping in the 80s sound awful now. Decades of overindulgence, drugs and alcohol have ruined their voices and relationships. Springsteen avoided the drugs, exercised daily and at the age of 74, still commanded the stage for 2 and a half hours. Most young artists today can’t even do that.

Most of my competition can’t sell so I teach selling. Most of my competitors haven’t written 3 books, so I wrote 3 books. Most of my competition haven't done a TED talk, so I did a TED talk

Never be afraid to stand out from everyone else and be different.

4.     Learn To Adapt

Last night’s concert was the first concert I went to since my ADHD diagnosis and autism

I wasn’t up close jumping up and down, I was at the back. I went by myself and spoke to nobody; I wasn't in a bad mood, there was no small talk with anyone and nobody said hello.

I left during the last song to avoid traffic and got home quickly.

I’ve taken a week off posting on LinkedIn to spend in nature, doing more charity work, meditating more, think more, attend the Darry Jazz Festival and increase family time since I was feeling burned out.

In business right now, more people are getting ghosting than ever, decisions are taking longer, yet most people are doing exactly the same thing.

It’s important to adapt to the times and take care of yourself, so you can perform better.

The world doesn’t need more normal.

The world needs more Springsteen.

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