How To Write A Follow-Up Email?

If you don't follow-up properly, you can't help your client win.

So how do you write a follow-up email that prospects reply to?

1.Have a Strong Subject Line

Give someone a reason to open your email. Subject Lines matter. “Gently knocking” or "Thoughts" or "someone's name" means nothing.

2. Remind the person what the original email was.

Your prospect receives over 100 emails per day. They won't remember what you sent last week.

3. People buy People

Be human. Be real. Give value and stop being lazy when it comes to sales. It’s your responsibility to read sales books, listen to podcasts and invest in a quality coach if you want to go further.

4. Know Your Audience

People my age rarely purchase by email unless they see a phone number and website - or you belong to a well-known brand.

5. Research your Prospect

It shows you’ve done your prep work and buyers respect people who make an effort.

6. Don't Push Too Hard

Sending 3 emails in a week to somebody you don't know and hasn't asked for your information isn't professional. Stop doing it and stop taking bad advice from over-the-top sales gurus who exaggerate how much money they earn.

7. Don’t Use The Same Platform

Multi-platform selling works much better. Email is not the only way to communicate with people.


Never ask for a 5-minute meeting, it shows you don't understand business.

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