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How Often Should You Sell?

I don’t want 15-75 leads per month

I don't want to make 7 or 8 figures a year.

I don't want 10x growth.

This is the way people often approach sales because they do not know any better or have been badly taught. Everyone has different needs. Here’s some of the things I want to achieve:

To raise the standards of sales while connecting with the heart

To improve your business by listening and then giving the right advice.

To stop you thinking lead generation is the solution to your problems. You also need to understand how to convert the leads and that is a different and bigger challenge.

To help you overcome objections, deal with being ghosted and improve mindset and focus.

To work with great people.

Niraj Kapur with sales trainees at Salesforce

None of this involves getting 15-75 leads per month, growing business by 10x or making 7 or 8 figures a year.

A question I get asked regularly is “How often should I sell?”

I like the 3:1 ratio. Give value 3 times, sell the 4th time.

If you’re an introvert, you might prefer, value 4 times and sell the 5th time.

Niraj Kapur at LinkedIn training with trainees from Terex

I post 5 times a week on LinkedIn. 3 posts have massive value, 1 has a call-to-action and the 5th is pure sales. That is okay if you give massive value in the other posts.

You need sales to grow. Hiding from sales, avoiding them, or hoping for them will lead to failure. Defaulting to spam or copy-and-paste emails will not end well.

Call to Actions are important because people are busy and move on.

For example, on June 4th, I will speak at the Property Investment Network in Belfast about maximising LinkedIn For Property. If you have never been to a property investment meeting before, please use the code "Jackson" for a complimentary ticket.

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Or you can have a BIG call to action like below.

Generating sales is hard. Whether you work for somebody else or run your own business, knowing how to sell is vital. It’s not 10 ways to close a deal that counts. What matters in 2024 are:

💪 overcoming imposter syndrome

🤝 building confidence

❤️️ having emotional intelligence

💯 resilience

✅ listening

👉 sales strategies

👍 LinkedIn sequences and LinkedIn branding

💡 psychology and so much more.

If this matters to you, and you want to work with someone who cares about you and your success email me to see how I might be able to help you.

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Niraj Kapur is a LinkedIn Top Voice, keynote speaker, and trusted LinkedIn coach and sales trainer. If you want to get better results in 2023 for yourself, your business or have me speak at your event please get in touch.