Recent client case studies

Get a feel for how I could help you by looking through some of my recent case studies and client testimonials.

Group Sales Training: Aisling Lalor Dental Skin


Preparing for their first exhibition at the CTBT show in Dublin, Aisling and her team needed to confidently engage with the public and present on a large stage. They needed a strategy to differentiate themselves and gain a marketing and sales advantage.

Niraj’s Solution

The team attended three sessions focusing on strategic exhibition planning and public engagement. They left with the necessary tools to generate interest and potential leads for their clinic. My approach boosted their confidence, preparing them to present in front of large groups of people and medical professionals.


Aisling and her team successfully navigated their first exhibition, confidently engaging the public and bringing back potential clients to their clinic. Aisling’s stage presentation went very well as her confidence grew.

Aisling’s Testimonial

“Niraj has an innate skill in teaching… if you are considering training your team in sales, or you’re planning for an event, or you just want to train in sales to increase the profitability of your business, Niraj is your man.”

One-to-One Sales Coaching: Brendan Devine


Brendan Devine, a software consultant at Zymplify, had difficulty selling and was keen to develop his sales techniques and confidence.

Niraj’s solution

I provided personalised coaching to Brendan, helping him to build his confidence and develop skills crucial to his role. We covered sales techniques, content writing skills, and overall personal development. I held Brendan accountable, ensuring high commitment and progress.


Brendan saw significant improvements in his job performance. And his newfound skills and confidence helped him to engage potential clients and improve his sales effectively.

Brendan’s Testimonial

“As a coach, Niraj is someone you can count on, rely on, and always leads from the heart. I would recommend Niraj for sales coaching.”

One-to-One Coaching and LinkedIn Training: Kitesh Patel


Kitesh Patel, Director of Risk at Places for People, was eager to enhance his personal branding and mindset, improve his LinkedIn presence, and gain new perspectives for approaching various situations. He wanted to hold himself accountable and receive honest feedback to drive his progress.

Niraj’s Solution

My coaching approach was structured and personalised, covering topics from personal branding to mindset development and LinkedIn optimisation. I held Kitesh accountable and offered honest feedback when necessary, ensuring Kitesh could grow and evolve from each session. I checked in with Kitesh regularly during key personal and professional events, offering continuous support and guidance.


With Niraj’s coaching and LinkedIn training, Kitesh witnessed growth in his confidence and enrichment of his approach to various situations. The advice he received from Niraj was instrumental in his personal and professional development.

Kitesh’s Testimonial

“Niraj’s advice, both personally and professionally, has been invaluable… He was also brutally honest where he needed to be, which helped me progress. I can’t recommend Niraj highly enough.”


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