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  • A cruise ship at sea

    Sales Lessons Learned From A Cruise Show

    I attended a cruise show at the weekend. Many of my clients have been on different cruises worldwide and they’ve [...]

  • A screenshot of Niraj's profile on LinkedIn

    Going Big on LinkedIn

    In 2018, after 23 years of working in corporate London, I started posting properly on LinkedIn. Like many people [...]

  • Niraj's grandparents

    Lessons Learned From My Grandparents

    We had a big surprise at the weekend. There was a small exhibition about immigration in Coleraine, Northern Irela [...]

  • Image from a hotel website

    Winning Customers For Life

    We went on a holiday to West Ireland this week. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world mixed with light [...]

  • A sales email sent to Niraj.

    Selling on LinkedIn

    I never thought this would happen to me. One of the stars of BBC’s Apprentice looked at my LinkedIn profile. Did [...]

  • Going back to basics

    I attended an exhibition at the weekend. In my 29-year career in sales, I spent much of it attending shows to sel [...]

  • Niraj Kapur as a teenager in a field, in front of an old car

    Lessons learned as a failed rock star

    A photographer contacted me on Facebook saying he had pictures of me as a teenager – and that it would be in my b [...]

  • four red hearts, all with some sort of damage and plasters on them.

    Business Lessons Learned From Divorce, Dating and Falling In Love

    I was interviewed on BBC Radio yesterday, it was a joy to share my thoughts with presenter Daisie Belle about the [...]

  • Niraj Kapur with a group of people he's trained, smiling and waving.

    Lessons Learned after 5 Years as a Business Owner

    My business is 5 years old. If I knew how hard it would be back to run my own business, the sleepless nights, bei [...]

  • Clouds in the sky with 'what have you learned' written in white writing.

    Once Upon a Time

    Michael Jordan was a basketball player for Chicago Bulls. He was a good player, but was still getting pushed arou [...]

  • How to sell when times are tough book cover

    How To Sell When Times Are Tough

    Is it still ethical to sell if people have no money? Should targets be lowered? How do you deal with mindset when [...]

  • Niraj at LinkedIn Head Office

    29 Lessons From 29 Years In Sales

    If you want to succeed at anything, you take a course, get a degree or get a coach. Unfortunately, when it comes [...]

  • Niraj speaking at TEDx Newton Abbey

    5 Mistakes To Avoid In Sales

    Sales is not about selling your product. It's about getting results for your client. Then overdelivering in custo [...]