Avoiding Shiny Objects in Business

In 2023, I’ve been offered Top 30 Coaches in the World, Top 10 LinkedIn Elite voices and Most Ambitious Business Leaders to Watch  - I help clients win and succeed. They get more sales and do better on LinkedIn as a result of working with me. I would never call myself top in the world at anything.

All these awards are available to you between $2000-$6000 from legitimate businesses – and I've rejected them all.

You can be on the front cover of many business magazines for the right price and win many local business awards if you know the right person or spend enough money at an awards event. I’ve rejected those too.

It’s not that I don’t value awards. I received a Top Voice in Sales award from LinkedIn HQ, back when getting a LinkedIn award meant something. Unlike now, where you contribute to an article for 30 minutes and you’re given a badge

I understand why people do this.  We all want easy.

What you want - shiny objects - and what you need - results - are different things.

People will usually choose the fitness coach who promises they can eat anything over the genuine coach who says this will be hard work and you will find it tough. The first one you want, the second one you need.

So when you’re looking to generate more sales to end the year strong and kickstart 2024, please remember this.

❌ Most LinkedIn lead generation agencies are terrible and get no engagement on their LinkedIn profiles.

❌ Most automation doesn’t work because it’s not personalised.

❌ 99% of the cold emails and LinkedIn DMs you receive will waste your time and at times, irritate you.

You generate more sales by doing the following:

👉 Standing out / being different

💪 Offering massive value

🎤 Listening

🧠 Asking smart questions

💡 Understand the importance of a pause

❤️️ Wanting to serve others.

💯 Knowing how to write effective emails

🏆 Giving your clients more than what they paid for

👍 Controlling imposter syndrome and fear.

This is what I help business owners, start-ups and salespeople with daily. If you want to do better and generate stronger results, DM me or visit: www.nirajkapur.com

Niraj Kapur sitting on steps, looking at the camera

Niraj Kapur is a LinkedIn Top Voice, keynote speaker, and trusted LinkedIn coach and sales trainer. If you want to get better results in 2023 for yourself, your business or have me speak at your event please get in touch.