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Why You Should Avoid Discounting

Sales is more than closing a deal. It’s mindset, emotional intelligence, giving massive value,  business acumen, marketing, understanding people and serving your customers.

Then you win the deal.

Then you have to keep adding value and over-delivering to ensure you get testimonials and build a long-term relationship.

Every week, I sit with customers to observe demos or listen to calls. This helps you gain more confidence, improve your skills, build your pipeline and win more in business.

So much can go wrong when someone asks for a discount.

❌ If you defend yourself by saying, " We’re the best in our industry or that we offer amazing customer service, “you will lose the deal.

❌ If you speak faster or your body language becomes awkward, it’s a sign of nervousness.

❌ If you give the discount too quickly, it’s a sign of desperation.

So many times you lose the deal at this stage.

✅ It’s time to ask better questions and uncover what the client hasn’t told you. The more value you add, the less you have to discount.

💡 If they say you’re too expensive, ask compared to whom.

👉 When a client asks for a discount, ask if they understand all the benefits they’ll be getting and mention those benefits again clearly.

👍 An important question I rarely see anyone after this is, “Is there anything I might have missed?”

I’m not a fan of closed questions. It works well at this stage.

  • Always pay for quality, even if it costs more
  • Maybe there’s something you didn’t uncover in the sales process
  • Always have a deadline, otherwise, delays and indecision occur – that can be the death of a sale.

Discounting rarely has a happy ending – and you get in life what you pay for.

The first step is always the most difficult. Like when you mention the cost of your services or product, you need to pause for 3-5 seconds. This gives the other person time to think. The first time it’s the weirdest feeling. After 20-30 times, it feels natural.

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