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15 Years on LinkedIn: Lessons Learned

I joined LinkedIn in April 2009.

Like most people, I had a profile, didn’t post content and didn’t engage with posts. I was what is often referred to as a lurker.

In February 2018, that changed when I set up my own business and started posting. Making it up as I went along, I promoted my debut bestseller, Everybody Works In Sales, my events, and myself because that’s what I thought sales was back then.

I didn’t make an impact and by March 2020, only had 1,000 followers and very little business.

Then l got divorced, which was the worst thing to every happen to me. Then my business disappeared in lockdown and I was cut off from seeing anyone.

I didn’t cope with life and moved back into my parent's house

When you have to move countries to live with your parents, something has gone horribly wrong.

No matter what has happened in life, I've always had the strength to fight back. Life beat me to a pulp, and for the first time ever, I didn’t get up.

It took a year of healing to get my mindset right. I had to forgive those who had hurt me. I learned to become a kinder person and to discovered that sales is about serving others and listening to what they want, not selling your product or service.

I shared my struggles with loneliness, online dating, and the challenges of running a business and had several posts go viral.

Here was the first one.

This was the last big one. It shows the power of emotion and storytelling.

I couldn’t afford therapy so LinkedIn was my only outlet.

People stopped seeing me as someone who could offer sales training. I was a human being they could relate to. I had overcome life's challenges and become a better person. That made people want to follow me and work with me.

That’s not your typical business story. It is one I’m incredibly grateful for.

It’s worth pointing out that no matter how many times you get over 500,000 views on a post, you have to keep going. I’ve still had posts get little engagement. I've gone weeks without leads. Promoted amazing things  that I’m so proud of like my TEDx talk, which failed to take off.

That’s okay, failure is part of the process. What's important is that you learn from it.

LinkedIn used to be about jobs and seeing what former colleagues are up to.

If you use it right it becomes a place where you can:

❤️️ Build a loyal community

❤️️ Help others

❤️️ Learn

❤️️ Create a support network

❤️️ And then sell your product or service.

Note the selling comes last. It’s a result of doing the good work upfront.

Sales is tough, whether you work 9-5 for somebody else or run your own business. It’s NOT the 10 ways to close a deal that counts. It’s overcoming imposter syndrome, building confidence, having emotional intelligence, resilience, listening, sales strategies, LinkedIn sequences, psychology and so much more.

If this matters to you, and you want to work with someone who cares about you and your success, send me an email.

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Niraj Kapur is a LinkedIn Top Voice, keynote speaker, and trusted LinkedIn coach and sales trainer. If you want to get better results in 2023 for yourself, your business or have me speak at your event please get in touch.